4 Responses to “CONTACT”

  1. Paul Nathan Jr. Says:

    Hails-Glad to know you’re still kickin’ ass!
    Years ago-I had a Milwaukee Metalfest CD that your song Shitting in the Sink was on-Could I get some info on an address as to where to order your CD’s from, if possible?
    Great song ,Shitting in the sink ,to let you know!

    • Thanks Paul for remembering us.

      You can currently buy three of our releases on Itunes. Here is the link:

      I also have physical stock for albums Butt Outta Hell, and Decade of Defecance, which you can get from me directly. If you send me $5.00 each via Paypal I can send them to you if you provide me with an address. IF you prefer to contact me directly, you can do so by email which is That email address is also linked to my Paypal account.

      Thank you for your continued interest in the R.P.Bunge.

      Tom M

  2. Paul Nathan Jr. Says:

    OK, dude-my address is
    Paul Nathan Jr.
    122 Hutchens Dr.
    Cheektowaga, NY 14227

    [I’m in a suburb of Buffalo]

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